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A midsummer soap ! bountiful at the waters side with it's fluffy soft white , almond scented plumage .Meadowsweet was one of the three herbs held most sacred to the Druids and it is said that the scent of meadowsweet cheers the heart. I like to use this soap followed by a the gently fragranced botanical oil after a long day (A tea of meadowsweet has been used as a  wash for wounds or inflamed eyes ) Comming back to the soap

We have added French green clay to help draw out impurities from your pores. Scented with the tart freshness of lime   and it's bed fellows uplifting bergamot and  waming black pepper essential oils

Price £4.50

not less than 85g


A favourite of those in the know, this lovely lady is often requested. Enriched with healing Calendula oil twice infused for potency. Having such a close affinity with the skin Calendula can be very helpful for problems including, sunburn, cracked weathered skin and those with eczema.

Scented with uplifting Bergamot, grapefruit and brightening sweet orange essential oils to make you smile. Textured with soft Calendula petals, calendula powder and our house favourite soothing colloidal oat

Price £4.50  

no less than 85g


We love this rootsy bar conceived with a love of the wild, made using herbs harvested from our garden. An iron-rich brew,  of strong cleansing nettle and healing Comfrey. Enriched with protective and soothing Borage oil

Created to smell like the earth after a Summer shower: deep, green, mossy,  fresh soil

This is a scrubby bar loaded with textures:  green clay, pumice, luffa, ground olive stones, colloidal oat it will certainly clean soiled hands one for the downstairs sink

Price £4.50

no less than 85g


" Brings joy to your heart and healing to your skin".  It's all about the herbs -We have gathered lemonbalm for it's healing and anti-inflammatory properties,  Elderflower's skin softening abilities and lavender for relaxation. Our herbs have been packed into this soap: Infused in the waters and the oils

It's scent is beautiful, fresh and clean  Lavender , marjoram a splash of may chang essential oils

Price £4.50

no less than 85g



An all around winning bar with loyal fans.  luxurious with a rich, creamy lather.  Textured with French pink clay to help draw out impurities . Perfect for a long, hot soak or to use as a facial soap; It also gives a great glide when used as a shaving bar .

Enriched with virgin organic coconut oil, buttermilk and  nourishing shea butter.

Scented with lingering and uplifting rose geranium and  brightening palmrosa essential oils. Can lead to excessive sniffing :)  

Price £4.50

no less than 85g

Mint & Basil :


A refreshing bar perfect for your morning shower to clear your head  or if you are fighting a cold. A winner with  teenage boys too.

Enriched with  coconut oil, goats milk and organic shea butter to nourish dry skin.

Scented with refreshing peppermint and basil essential oils  .Textured with peppermint leaf and  green clay

Price £4.50

not less than 85g


The ultimate herbal bar with the scent of crushed thyme and rosemary. An excellent bar to banish the winter colds best with a hot shower  relax and breath deaply to clear your sinuses ! Enriched with moisturising Olive oil and shea butter

Price £4.50  not less than 85g








Here East and West meet with perfect apreciation and harmony . West indian bay helps loosen stiff muscles and aching joints while the powerhouse of prized Eastern black seed oil also comes to the rescue . Black seeds are packed with over 100 identified nutrients and to signify their uses since antiquity they were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen !

This is  wonderfully sensual bar with a rich notes a sweet and spicy , vanillery scent that lingers on your skin and makes me want to keep sniffing  

Scented with  West Indian bay, nutmeg , and amber

Price £4.50

not less than 85g



AKA Wanderlust

A bar full of citrus zing, enriched with extra virgin olive oil and fair trade

shea butter .

A shower with this uplifting, warming bar of gingery ,lemongrass loveliness transports you to faraway places, perhaps  a beautiful Thai Spa. Great for times when holidays just aren’t possible !!

Textured with a scattering of poppy seeds for exfoliation.

Price £4.50

not less than 85g


Popular with the gentlemen and inspired by journeys to Oman : this bar contains prized sidir honey from the Arabian Peninsula. The sidir tree has been revered since ancient times and it is believed that the Sidir fruit was the first thing Adam ate when he was made to descend to earth , all parts of this wonderous tree have medicinal value

Scented with cleansing Omani Frankincense , myrtle and Myrrh. A subltle resinious scent with notes of lemon and sweet myrhh


Price £4.50

not less than 85g

If you would like a soap stack please press the "add to cart" button here and list the soaps you would like in the "note to sender" section on pay pal or email us at [email protected] All our soaps arrive to you  beautifully wrapped using recycled materials

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Your postage costs will be added when you purchase.

You will receive your soap within four working days and each order is beautifully hand wrapped using recycled materials.


We happy for people to come to the Soap Shed and collect their soap in person, please call to arrange

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A hand soap created for the artisans of the world- calling all potters,

gardeners, blacksmiths, builders, mechanics, makers, doers anyone who gets their hands dirty and needs a really good scrub , then this is the bar for you.  it's too srcuby for body work hands only !!


Price £4.50

not less than 85g

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Just to let you know that the soaps arrived today and are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for all the love and care you put into your soaps. Alison Northampton


Penelope brought home some of your soaps home after the Pop-up Farm shindig and .... they are totally wonderful! Congrats on a fabulous product.  Rosa Blue Oxford


For the record, I'm a BIG FAN of Little bird soaps. They are a real touch of delicious luxury and I can't recommend them highly enough. Andy Warwick


They smell wonderful and have just used the rose one – lovely . Ann Stratford


I fall in love with your soaps. fatma Muscat


SO GOOD! Nourishing, healthy, good smelling, long lasting. luke London


The soap arrived today, as gorgeous as usual - thank you! Alison Milton Keynes


The soaps loved by many here in Oman because of its natural ingredients and soothing effect, even to those who have very sensitive skin. . I am sure you would love them as much as I do . Sheryl Oman

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"We create soap for hearts, bodies and minds, helping to make our everday ablutions a real pleasure "

         Katie Beswick  owner and saponier at Little bird soaps


To make sure you get the longest lifespan from our soaps we reccomend you use a soaps dish/stand with good drainage or  place it on an upside down lid and let your soap dry between uses


 Into the pot we pour - seed oils, botanical infusions, organic and natural butters, clays, healing herbs and therapeutic essential oils and that's where we find our magic !

Our hand crafted, cold process soaps are made in the traditional way and cured for a minimum of 4 weeks. They are guaranteed to be beautifully lathering, long lasting bars, that gently cleanse and stimulate your senses.

Always free from artificial preservatives,

colours and fragrances with no

sodium lauryl sulphate or other lathering agents. Our soap are wrapped in paper and are plastic free



Enriched with my favourite: rich and luxurious English oat oil. Loaded with vitamin E.This emolient powerhouse helps sooth itchy, dry agitated skin and can be helpful for eczema

Scented with relaxing lavender and reassuring rosemary essential oils with a comforting soporific oaty note.

Textured with colloidal oat to add to this soaps soothing nature

Price £4.50  

no less than 85g

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We hand craft our soaps in small batches with the belief that using quality ingredients results in a quality soap. Which is why we carefully source and blend where possible Fairtrade natural and organic cold pressed and infused seed oils and butters. We choose to enrich with oils produced in England such as English hemp, English borage and English oat.We choose to add nourishment with moisturizing fair-trade Ghanaian shea, cocoa butter and Thai virgin coconut oil. We also use therapeutic essential oils, cleansing clays with organic herbs and botanicals from our own garden. We do not use any SSL or artificial fragrances. We only use small amounts sustainable organic RSPO certified palm oil, that is farm traceable.

The palm oil supplied by Silbury comes from independently run plantations, 130 family smallholdings, and DAABON’s own plantations, all of which are certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Fairtrade USA, Rainforest Alliance and verified by the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG).


No two soap bars look exactly the same as they are all hand cut and as our soaps are too good to waste we do not trim them into perfect shapes. We are not Tesco's where the sweetest tomato is disguarded for not being a perfect red sphere. We love the character of all our soaps


Each bar is weighed at time of packaging but as the water evaporates out as bar cure, the weight may go down a bit. Which is why they are listed between as no less than 85g


Our formulations have been certified by a Uk registered chartered chemist and are in compliance with UK/EU law; we are members of the soap makers Guild

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