Finding peace - in the forest

These days I hear the forest call . I go with my thoughts, worries, prayers. Carrying the weight of divisive times. The ripe wounds of shame, judgement, betrayal, separation and despair. Carrying the weight of fear, the well trodden groves of patterns programmed to repeat .

Seeing that these human sufferings reside in me too. Observing where my judgement lies and how it seeks to divide.

I listen to the forest, it speaks of another way, it knowns what I have forgotten. Her diverse community rises in mostly harmonious union to any occasion. I hear the whisper of the trees “we may be many but we are one”

My surefooted knowing awakens . Walking the clearer path, asking to dissolve all that seeks to divide in me . My prayers for unification and compassion reach from my core to the canopy and beyond . From here I find only connection and send only love.