Where is Began

"We create soap for hearts, bodies and minds, helping to make our everyday ablutions a real pleasure " - Katie Beswick, Owner and Saponier at Little Bird Soaps

Where it began....

Whilst working in the music industry I had three beautiful little boys and as much as I loved what I did I found it impossible to drag myself away and head out on the road. So when my partner came back from Texas and brought me a beautiful, tiny bar of natural soap the journey began. My great grandfather started Beswick pottery , the home of the flying ducks! and i have always felt the urge to use my hands and master a craft so here is my contribution to the world.

I started making soap 12 years ago at home in Stratford on Avon. Intoxicated by the beautiful scents and fascinated by the nature and benefits of essential oils, and the huge array of skin loving seed oils and butters.. all this goodness going into something really useful, something we use all day - first thing in the morning and last thing at night, I was hooked! It reignited my fire, the wild woman in me who just loved to create potions and stir a big pot came to life. My workshop is an Aladdin’s cave, full of nature’s beneficial gifts and how exciting it is to gather the new year's harvests and replenish some of my jars.

Blessed! With the generosity gene (thanks Dad ) I originally gave away all my soaps not just to dirty people but to anyone who looked like they needed a bit of a pick me up or had skin problems - dry skin, itchy skin... It went on from there and they started asking for more it became a very expensive pastime. I knew my soaps were good and this extra boost gave me the confidence to start my own business.

I carefully source everything that goes into my soap, looking for good quality, ethically produced ingredients and where possible English grown, as in the case of my current favourite oat oil (which adds lather and a skin soothing quality to the soap). I then balance these wonderful ingredients to produce hard, cleansing soaps that nourish the skin without stripping it and all this without any harsh detergents, and other artificial ingredients going down the plug hole - plus no animals have been harmed.

I am really passionate about the art of this ancient craft and make sure I squeeze all the goodness I can into each bar, creating soaps I am truly proud to say are exceedingly good!! but don't just take my word for it .

Each soap is cured for a minimum of four weeks to ensure a mild, hard bar then individually wrapped and hand stamped using recycled and recyclable material all acquired locally - I am not interested in using vast amounts of unnecessary packaging.

Well that’s who I am. Welcome to little bird soaps and a big shout out to Cassius, my little bird and my very special Dad and family for keeping me strong and always being there

Thank you for looking at my site,


Please buy Handmade and local and here's hoping that all us cottage industry soap makers continue to thrive and together we put England back on the quality soap making map. Let's give the big drugstores a run for their money .. we all need soap x