Our Soaps

To make sure you get the longest lifespan from our soaps we recommend you use a soaps dish/stand with good drainage or  place it on an upside down lid and let your soap dry between uses.

We hand craft our soaps in small batches with the belief that using quality ingredients results in a quality soap. Which is why we carefully source and blend where possible Fairtrade natural and organic cold pressed and infused seed oils and butters. We choose to enrich with oils produced in England such as English hemp, English borage and English oat. We choose to add nourishment with moisturizing fair-trade Ghanaian shea, cocoa butter and Thai virgin coconut oil. We also use therapeutic essential oils, cleansing clays with organic herbs and botanicals from our own garden. We do not use any SSL or artificial fragrances. We only use small amounts sustainable organic RSPO certified palm oil, that is farm traceable.

The palm oil supplied by Silbury comes from independently run plantations, 130 family smallholdings, and DAABON’s own plantations, all of which are certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Fairtrade USA, Rainforest Alliance and verified by the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG).

No two soap bars look exactly the same as they are all hand cut and as our soaps are too good to waste we do not trim them into perfect shapes. We are not Tesco's where the sweetest tomato is disguarded for not being a perfect red sphere. We love the character of all our soaps

Each bar is weighed at time of packaging but as the water evaporates out as bar cure, the weight may go down a bit. Which is why they are listed between as no less than 85g

Our formulations have been certified by a UK registered chartered chemist and are in compliance with UK/EU law; we are members of the soap makers Guild.