About Katie Beswick Medical Herbalist, Nature connection facilitator, Forager and Soapmaker

We are soap makers offering a natural alternative. Active cold pressed seed oils, organic and natural butters, clays, healing herbal infusions, therapeutic essential oils, that's where we find our magic and vitality.

Soap is for everyone, morning, noon and night and is one of the few things we can't do without, so why bombard, our already hard working skin, with irritants and detergents? Why not try the alternative: a simple, natural "little bird soap", which gently cleanses, not strips your body’s largest organ. Trust us you will feel the difference!

We handcraft our soaps in small batches with the belief that using quality ingredients results in quality soap. Which is why we carefully select and blend Fair-trade, natural and organic, skin loving seed oils and butters.

We choose to enrich with some oils produced in England, including hemp, borage and our favourite oat. All of which are rich soothing oils and can help those with eczema and sensitive or dry skin .We choose to add extra nourishment with fair-trade Ghanaian shea butter, cocoa butter and Sri Lankan virgin coconut oil. We also use therapeutic essential oils, cleansing clays , lovingly made herbal infusions and botanicals from our own garden. We do not use any SSL's , artificial fragrances or colours. We only use a small amount of organic Sustainable certified palm oil in some of our soaps (RSPO) which can be traced to the farm of origin, supporting positive farming practices not deforestation 

We are also home to little bird parties and workshops, the brainchild of artisan soap maker Katie Beswick- on a mission to share her soapy secrets and show young girls the benefits of using carefully chosen natural ingredients- empowering them before they dive into the murky world of cosmetics.