Katie Beswick - Medical Herbalist .

Katie Beswick - Medical Herbalist MNIMH 

My clinic is based in Shipston on Stour, 20 mins from Stratford on Avon and on the border of the Cotswolds. 

By deeply listening to you and drawing on over 8 years of training and experience with some of the best practitioners and schools in our field . I use diagnostic tools, medical knowledge of anatomy, etiologyphysiology, psychology, polyvagal theory, nutrition and pharmacology together with my living practice of plant spirit connection, to help you unravel and see more clearly the root of what ails you and what we can do to restore health.

The herbs are introduced for their powerful actions to help the body return to balance enabling our inate healing force to once again reign.
Nutrition is also very important as is gathering some knowledge and tools that empower you to take slow steady steps towards your health goals.

Helping you gain new perspectives and letting go of what isn’t serving you anymore freeing up more energy to do more of what you enjoy . 
Perhaps you have a chronic or autoimmune condition or it may be that you are feeling stuck in a rut, going through some difficult times, are worried about your health, would like to improve fertility, low mood, anxiety, sleep …or just want to maintain vitality and wellness as you get older.

I can be of help to you and herbal medicine has a beautiful way of shifting things. It can be wonderfully transformative and I have seen this happen many times . 

Here is what some previous patients have said about the healing journey they have been on with me  

In March 21 I was sluggish and depressed and felt quite hopeless. I had a consultation with Katie and after an hour and a half of delving in to every aspect of my life style so made recommendations and herbal solutions.

I noticed the difference right away and the herbal tea and tincture became part of my daily routine my skin and energy really improved.

As the year has passed, I have had check in sessions when needed and Katie has always been such a wonderful listener as I unpack my niggles and concerns.  She is so kind and real and never makes me feel bad for my choices.

It feels wonderful to have someone supportive who will always listen and look at the whole picture as I face the challenges mid-life brings.

I highly recommend Katie to anyone who wants to feel more empowered over their own health and body.


Apart from being a totally brilliant person, Katie makes two bespoke blend herbal teas for me and I have to say they are great! She has crafted one specifically for my hay fever allergy and the other to address some gut issues. My hay fever is virtually non-existent now and the gut tea led to discovering that I was gluten intolerant. I call that a success and I continue to drink them on a daily basis.

I have been on a real journey with Katie over the past year. Katie has opened doors for me that I didn't even know existed. The first part of this involved healing some childhood effects that I had been carrying deep and letting this go. The second part has led to me discovering my true path and finding real joy in the world around me.

Please get Intouch to see how I can help you .



Alongside my clinic I also love to walk the land with people. As a herbalist who makes many of my own preparations , I have a deep connection with these plants and places and love to share this knowledge and open the door to such wonder for others too . You are welcome to join “friends of the weeds” to find out more .