Our Balms

We only make one balm and it's a tried and tested winner.

Originally formulated it for a young friend with dry, itchy, damaged skin thanks to it’s healing abilities, it has now found it's way onto : babies bottoms, mums tums, builders hands, potters thumbs, cyclists thighs, farmers faces and these are just some of the happy customers we know about .

Not only is it a fantastic intensive moisturiser but it can also be used as a cleansing balm to remove the day’s make up and grime or as an aftershave balm thanks to the addition of oat oil which helps the skin to repair itself and can really soothe irritations.

Our balm is honest and jam packed with natural cold processed seed oils and butters delivering the vital fatty acids and vitamins healthy skin needs.

With this one pot to hand you will be able to declutter the groaning shelves full of disguarded lotion and potion landfill and keep skincare simple as nature intended :)


For best results

As a body moisturiser:
Apply to warm damp skin after a bath or shower is ideal, it will immediately begin to melt then massage into the skin.

As a hand or foot balm:
Apply when needed after washing your hands you will probably find you don't need to do it as often as with a water based cream. For an intensive treatment apply liberally at bed time and cover hands with cotton socks

It can also be used as a face cream especially if you work outside and need some extra protection and don't fancy wearing a balaclava :)

As a cleansing balm:
Wash your face with warm water or rest a hot flannel over your face for a minute. Melt some balm into your hands then massage into your face. Leave for a minute then wipe of with a damp flannel. Finally rinse with cold water to close your pores.

As a bath balm:
Drop a teaspoon or two into a hot bath, be warned it will make the bath tub slippery !

p.s. ....A little goes a long way